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How can yogurt, a wholesome food, become a scam?

Drinking yogurt on a hot day would have been a pleasure, but the yogurt rumors have recently started to circulate again. A "Hundred Years of Yogurt Scam!" "Yogurt is a big scam!" the Nobel Prize winner said in an article about the world's biggest lies that create a trillion industry. "Can drinking yogurt live longer? The whole world was cheated by him for a hundred years? "And so on, after looking at this article can not help but feel that such an article is really logical "clear". As a senior food science and technology workers, but also feel the importance and necessity of popular science work.
Talk to everyone today: How can yogurt, a wholesome food, become a scam?
Expect to drink yogurt every day you'll be able to live a hundred years?
Not reliable. One of the people who was spit out in the article was Mecinnikov, a Russian microbiologist and immunologist who discovered yogurt in 1908 for his research on cytophism, an immune method performed by white blood cells, and he also discovered the benefits of lactic acid bacteria in yogurt to the human body. It is known as the "father of lactic acid bacteria".
I don't want to say more about this scientist here, because go to the supermarket to ask the person who bought yogurt, basically no one knows this scientist, the reason for buying is yogurt good or heard that yogurt drinking is good for people's health. Does it be good for people's health to drink yogurt?
If yogurt is good for human health, it should be helpful to extend life, but if you expect to live a hundred years by drinking yogurt every day, then I can only say: yogurt alone really can not do it!
Yogurt is not a product of our modern society.
Mecinnikov just found yogurt. First of all, we clearthely the concept, we do not professionally use the name "yogurt", consumers called "yogurt" closer to our country GB19302-2010 "food safety national standard fermentation milk" in the "sour milk", that is, raw cattle (sheep) milk or milk powder as raw materials, sterilized, sterilized,
Inoculated with products made from the fermentation of heat-addicted streptococcus and Bulgarian Lactobacillus (The Bulgarian subspecies of Drstobacher in Bacillus).
In this article, I have used "yogurt" instead of this concept. Human milk or other animal milk after microbial fermentation of sour milk drinking history can be traced back to 15,000-10000 years ago, that is, yogurt is not our modern society's products, Mecinnikov also found yogurt, not invented yogurt.
The progress of modern science and technology gives science and technology workers the opportunity to deeply understand the impact of fermented dairy products on human health.
The conclusion that yogurt is good for health
It's based on modern science. From China's know-how online search "sour milk" or "yogurt", more than 5000 related reports, from the web of science to search "Kefir", "yogurt", "yoghurt" there are 15068 reports, about yogurt and related diseases 3574 literature, Through a comprehensive evaluation of these literatures, the results show that yogurt can improve the eradication rate of lactose intolerance, constipation and Helicobacter pylori, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, and scholars have reported the relationship between yogurt and colds, allergic diseases, liver disease and hyperlipidemia, the evidence is insufficient.
So far, there have been no reports of yogurt being detrimental to human health.
Therefore, the conclusion of the health benefits of yogurt has a modern scientific basis, this scientific research conclusions from different countries, different regions, different laboratories, is by no means Mecinnikov alone can deceive everyone, and deceive everyone for a hundred years.
As for the health benefits of yogurt, we should pay attention to two main points.
First, yogurt is an important type of dairy products in daily dietary intake, which is conducive to promoting human bone health. The 2016 edition of the Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents clearly recommends that Chinese residents consume 300g of dairy products per day, which can provide high-quality protein, vitamin B2 and calcium that are beneficial to human health.
Now the average intake of dairy products in China is less than 50g, calcium deficiency is widespread, serious harm to human health. Some people will say, "I have lactose intolerance, drink milk, pull my stomach." "But you can drink yogurt!"
Lactose in yogurt is broken down into lactic acid, raw milk protein and fat is different degrees of hydrolysis, into beneficial human health peptides, amino acids, etc. , not only easy to digest and absorb, but also to alleviate lactose intolerance of the population, at the same time, yogurt's low pH, can also improve the body's absorption of calcium.
Between 1997 and 2012, seven people studied the study that showed that yogurt improved lactose intolerance to gastrointestinal symptoms or reduced lactose exhalation hydrogen, with participants from China, France, the United States and other countries.
Second, yogurt belongs to ordinary food, individual yogurt products for health food, but all belong to food, not medicine. That is, medical efficacy cannot be publicized.
So, whoever tells you that yogurt can be long-lived is unscientific, it should be said that yogurt can help improve our related health problems, such as lactose intolerance, constipation, but not the purpose of treatment. Since the birth of mankind, began the pursuit of infinite extension of life, history is not lack of ignorance in the pursuit of long-term life is not old, but a person's life expectancy of many factors, there are congenital genetic conditions, the body of the individual's diet, lifestyle and psychological factors, and so on, is by no means a certain food can achieve longevity. Yoghurt, no doubt, is beneficial to human health, naturally helps to improve people's physical fitness, thereby improving immunity, is expected to extend the life of people.
However, if a person drinking yogurt for a long time, no longevity, say yogurt longevity is a scam, is too one-sided and arbitrary.