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How to store self-brewed pure grain liquor? Four ways to do

As the saying goes, "No wine is not a table". The vast majority of households inevitably buy large quantities of liquor. But after the wine is purchased, how on earth should it be stored? All said that the more white wine, the more fragrant, indeed, this is the case. But the white wine in the place is also very careful of the preservation method, professional storage methods and at home to save liquor methods are not the same.

First, professional storage of liquor methods

1, with the altar storage: first of all, professional winery wine production is good after the storage of large altars, the altar sealed up.
This is very important, the minerals in the ceramic jar can make the quality of the liquor better, and the more fragrant. 2, put into the deep cellar storage: with the altar installed seal, choose deep cellar or deep storage in the cave, where the constant temperature, constant humidity, no light environment, more conducive to the natural aging of liquor.

Second, the method of storing liquor at home

1, with packaging storage: generally bought back wine if you want to save the proposal with the original packaging to save, because the wine is easy to volatilize, has been opened wine is not suitable for a longer period of preservation. 2, seal: the bottle mouth should also be given closed treatment, we can use cling film or plastic bags to wrap the bottle mouth tight, if the feeling is still not strict, not afraid of trouble, directly with wax seal bottle mouth bar, the wax melting, the bottle mouth in the melted wax, such as wax dry.
Or it's okay to seal the bottle with mud.
3, put the cellar or buried in the ground: if the home has a wine cellar, this time you can put a well-sealed bottle into the cellar, if not, you can put the bottled wine in the jar, buried in the ground as deep as possible place, because the deeper to ensure the temperature and humidity of the constant. 4, storage time: at home to store your own words, it is recommended not to exceed three years.