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A quick look at participating in the 6th China (Nanjing) Int

Looking at July has passed two-thirds, as china trade group every employee's mood is like the current hot sun, in a tight time to efficiently and orderly completion of their work.
No, today I'm bringing you two big things about the show. You may not know that the 6th China (Nanjing) International Sugar and Wine Food Fair 2019 has become a popular exhibition for Jiangsu and Zhejiang yellow wine enterprises. The current Yellow Wine Exhibition on behalf of enterprises are: Jiangsu Zhangjiagang Brewing Co., Ltd., Zhangjiagang City Jiajiangnan Brewing Co., Ltd., Suzhou Tongli Hong Brewing Co., Ltd., Danyang Jindanyang Wine Co., Ltd., Wuxi Yuyu Wine Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Nantong Baipu Huang Wine Co., Ltd., Danyang Yu and Food Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Deqing Moganshan Wine Co., Ltd., Shaoxing Temple Dragon Wine Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tinglian Industrial Co., Ltd., Deqing County Shangbai Winery, Shaoxing City Yuerun Wine Co., Ltd., Shaoxing Hongcheng Wine Co., Ltd., Shaoxing City San Yushan Wine Co., Ltd., Shaoxing Weizhuang Wine Co., Ltd., Shaoxing Luye Liquor Co., Ltd. Shaoxing City 100-year-old Tang Liquor Co., Ltd., Deqing Jiu LiXiang Brewing Co., Ltd., Shaoxing North Gate Wine Co., Ltd., Huzhou Zhejiang Wine Co., Ltd. ...
Suzhou, Shaoxing, Huzhou yellow alcohol products have been basically exhibiting, forming a regional yellow wine gathering and exchange in East China and even the country." Due to a large number of well-known yellow wine enterprises for the exhibition's support and love. China Trade Group boutique yellow tavern plan came into being, Nanjing Sugar Wine Party Organizing Committee here solemnly announced that in 2020, we will formally plan the boutique Yellow Tavern, so that all yellow wine exhibitors have a "big show" stage. Not only that we will also officially send an invitation to China's top yellow wine enterprises to participate in the exhibition.
In the future, "see yellow wine, choose yellow wine, come to Nanjing" will become China (Nanjing) International Sugar Wine Food Fair another highlight. Nanjing Sugar Wine Festival Organizing Committee will make every effort to create the highest quality Chinese yellow alcohol exhibition area in East China.
Let everyone get into the habit of watching the China Yellow Alcohol Fair and go to China (Nanjing) International Sugar and Wine Food Fair!
Some of the booth maps in hall C of our Nanjing International Convention and Exhibition Center have been "come out". In order to meet the China(Nanjing) International Wine and Food Fair in response to the national "new materials" pavilion construction policy, to meet the needs of exhibitors, the special launch of booth upgrade - pilot pavilion.
Some of the booth slots in Hall C of Nanjing International Convention and Exhibition Center have been unveiled. This upgraded booth will take the Class A luxury booth. Such a design would better show the dealer the goods, the product placement area significantly increased, the personality characteristics of the booth more obvious, some of the exhibitor's information can be seen at a glance, the entire booth looks transparent and bright.
What do you want to see for the first upgrade of the Hall C booth diagram? Upgrade?!
What it was like before, may have come to our exhibition exhibitors (dealers) know, but here I also have to for those who have not yet come to the exhibition or will come to the exhibition for the first time exhibitors (dealers) to talk about the "old booth" shape.
Class A Luxury Booth:
Size: 600 x 300 x 440 (cm, including door head height)
Booth parts: truss construction, spray-painted background picture, spray-painted door-head screen, KT bag column, carpet, negotiating table and chair, glass round table chair, display shelves, power outlets, lighting spotlights
Let's take a look at the latest styling of the "beautiful". I can't help but talk to you about the new booth.
Nonsense also does not say much, look at the picture, look at the picture, look at the picture!
Class A Luxury Booth:
Size: 586cm long x 300cm width x421.5cm high (cm, including door head height)
Booth parts: carpet, two glass round tables, 8 chairs, a reception table, 2 sets of shelves, spotlights, a power outlet, wine glasses, ice buckets, cup washing services. "Change a small step, a big step forward" Every innovation, each change will be for China (Nanjing) sugar and wine food fair to have a better future.