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Audience Info

Reg Process

Dear buyers and distributors all over the country: 

2023 Asia Food Expo ("CNWFF2023") will be held from Dec.1-3,2023 at the Nanjing International Exhibition Center. This year's scale again set a new high, the Expo all free to visit, visitors need to register to receive a visitor's license to visit the museum. 

We will be happy to serve you!


1, please visitors pay attention to the "New consumption of wine and food(酒食新消费)" WeChat platform online pre-registration, save the participation in the entrance two-dimensional code to the General Assembly live audience registration desk - in exchange for the visit card into the museum. 

2, the visit card is valid within three days.

1, abide by the provisions of the General Assembly, obey the command of on-site security personnel, civilized visit. 
2. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to enter the tour, and young people under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their families. 
3, valuables please keep their own safe, do not bring with them into the venue, if there is a loss, responsibility. 
4. Visitors shall not engage in any publicity activities in the exhibition area, and shall not collect garbage and boxes. 
5, the purchase of samples out of the museum, must go from the exhibitor to the organizing committee to open a list of out, in order to be able to go out of the museum.
6, visit may not buy the exhibition products, not to fight, fight, gather the crowd, no transfer to the public security department to deal with

Exhibition information 
Name: 2023 Asia Food Expo
Time: Dec.1-3, 2023
Point: Nanjing International Exhibition Center
Location: 88 Longyu Road, Xuanwu District, Nanjing

Time to carry out 

1 Dec 2023 09:00-16:30

Dec 2023 09:00-16:30

Dec 2023 09:00-14:30

Please contact:

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